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March 15, 2024 


Aqua MODIS Historical Cloud Fraction Data Along Path of the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse 

Source: NASA Aqua/MODIS


Note: Average cloud fraction for the eight-day period spanning April 7 through April 14, for 2004 through 2023, as derived from satellite measurements taken at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time. Eclipse calculations are adapted from the Eclipse Explorer by Fred Espenak and Chris O’Byrne.


On April 8, 2024 many people in the United States will be able to see a partial or total solar eclipse based on their location. However, clouds could impede our view, and the next total solar eclipse won't happen again until 2044!


Aqua MODIS cloud fraction data were used between April 7-April 14 for 2004-2023 in order to produce a map of the average historical cloud covrerage. Some areas along the path have much greater chances of clouds blocking their view (e.g. Vermont) compared to others (e.g. southern Texas). Hopefully, clear skies will be prevalent on this day, and many of us will be able to witness this event.


Read more about this in this New York Times article


 October 19, 2023

Aqua has been directed by NASA HQ to:

  • Extend operations through FY26 as currently baselined in the Senior Review budget target (in-guide)
  • Initiate Phase F in FY27.


September 29, 2023 

The 2023 NASA Earth Science Senior Review Report has been released.

Aqua made a “Very strong case for continuing the 21-year Aqua data record for three more years"


Read the report here.



June 29, 2023:

June Southwest Heat Wave captured by NASA's Aqua AIRS instrument

This movie highlighted on the AIRS website shows the heatwave in the Southwest as monitored by AIRS, and shows the location and intensity of the temperatures during this heatwave.



May 4, 2023:

Happy 21st Birthday AQUA!!!!!

The Aqua satellite launched on May 4, 2002.